Gun repair and maintenance on most all centerfire and rimfire shotguns, rifles and pistols.

Gun cleaning and surface rust removal.

Custom Gun work on all 1911 Pistols, AR-15 rifles and many other pistols and semi auto rifles.

  • Fitting barrels
  • Triggers and actions. (Includes Binary triggers)
  • Sights and scopes
  • Fitting custom parts.

Milling work

  • Slides for RMR cuts
  • Slide lightning cuts
  • Sight cuts, dovetail cuts
  • Serrations on slides
  • Drill and tap for scopes and light mounts
  • Custom parts
  • Pin and weld barrels

Gun refinishing

  • Duracoat finishes (solid colors only)
  • Stainless Bead blasting refinishing
  • Nickle plating – (no stainless steel parts)
  • Aluminum parts anodizing- (no serialized receivers)

Lathe work

  • Threading pistol and most rifle barrels for compensators, brakes and suppressors Other work as on request

We do not work on Black power guns, bb guns or airsoft guns. We do not work on 80% frames, receivers or guns manufactured after 1968 without serial numbers. We reserve the right to refuse work on any firearm for any reason deemed unsafe.

Email for quotes on custom work- General gunsmithing is $40 shop minimum and $70 per hour on work performed.